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CANDOR is a design and production brand of hand-made textile pieces made by expert Mexican artisans from Pátzcuaro, Michoacan, a beautiful Mexican town also known as Pueblo Mágico, in which lots of cultural expressions and commerce from the towns of the region of La Riviera del Lago de Janitzio are concentrated.

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Since its inception, AC Palma’s commitment stems from selling artisan products made out of palm extracted from Tlamacazapa Guerrero in order to support the development of communities and promote the profession that is craftsmanship.

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Variopinto was born from a social approach without neglecting the aesthetic. They create timeless pieces with sober designs and cuts inspired mostly by traditional clothing. Their philosophy is based on minimal to zero waste, and high attention to detail.

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Somos Suceso

We are

We are a platform that connects artisans from Latin America to Europe.

We support fair trade and handicrafts while providing a space to recognize traditions and discover what is behind each masterpiece. 

We work to create a positive impact through cultural diversity and sustainability, which are the fundamental anchors of our processes.

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Meet our heroes!

They are our best allies. Do not miss the incredible projects of each and every single one of our collaborators. Thanks to them, their effort, and their dedication, SUCESO can share their handicrafts, techniques, teams, and their great passion.


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