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Our best TIPS for your artisan products’ care


Like any other piece of art, artisan products need special care in order for them to last for a long time. For this reason, we would like to share some tips that will help you extend the life of your products. 

Handmade textiles care:

  •       Do not use abrasive detergents.
  •       Do not use chlorine.
  •       Do not expose directly to the sun for long periods of time.
  •       Try to wash with similar colors (our pieces do not fade).
  •       Iron maximum 150º C / 300º F.
  •       Best to wash by hand if:
        • Your piece has fringes without knotting (loose threads) longer than 5cm.
        • Your piece has specks.
        • If your piece is made with thick, open and delicate fabrics. 
  •       If you put a fringed piece in the washing machine by mistake, carefully comb the fringes and iron them afterwards.
  •       If your piece can be machine washed, you can also tumble dry it on a delicate cycle.
  •       If your piece cannot be machine washed, dry in the shade or for a few hours in the sun. 
  •       Your bedspreads do not need to be ironed, if you fold or make the bed after drying.
  •       Avoid keeping your textiles damp for a long time.


 Palm products care: 

  •       Clean the product with a very slightly damp cloth.
  •       Do not store the product wet or damp.
  •       Let the piece dry well before putting it away.
  •       Over time, the palm will acquire a darker tone, especially if exposed to the sun multiple times. It is part of the palm’s life cycle, though it is a characteristic and elegant tone.
  •       The ideal storage condition for products made from palm are open and dry places. Try to avoid damp places. 

With these tips, we hope you can enjoy your SUCESO products for a long time. Keep in mind that these are products made with traditional Mexican techniques, which ensures the best quality for your pieces. Following these special care tips, your products will continue to look like the day you bought them. 

See you soon!




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