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What’s behind SUCESO?

Every project always has its creator. Therefore, this time we will introduce the person behind this wonderful idea, Ana Rivera, who has dedicated this last year to the planning and creation of what we now know as SUCESO. In this blog post we will talk about how this idea came alive and how life has taken her to where she is now.


Ana is an easy going and friendly Mexican woman, currently living in Barcelona. Since she was little, she has always been a very social, avid traveler and restless girl. Always open to meet, connect and empathize with people. In order to make some time and connect with herself, she practices yoga regularly .

She has always loved handicrafts. In her family they used to called her "chacharera" because every time she visited a Mexican town, she would stop from store to store looking at the different pieces and she would always leave with something new in her hand.

After finishing her degree in international trade, developing a professional career in the sales field, traveling around the world to discover and learn about other cultures, expanding her vision of the globe, Ana's concern to create a social and entrepreneurial project went off limits. It was then that the first idea of ​​SUCESO was born, with the vision of giving back to her country, promoting fair trade and thus contributing to making a better, sustainable world.

Ana Rivera, founder of SUCESO: “When I understood that each person has a different story, tradition and a different reality depending on the place where they are born, I knew that I wanted to do something more human, more real. Crafts have always caught my attention, but especially artisans. That is why I decided to create SUCESO, a brand that distributes and promotes artisan products from different parts of Latin America, to promote fair trade and the people who make each piece possible."


With the aim of supporting these artisan communities by helping them to have better opportunities, SUCESO values ​​their art work and shares their stories, techniques, originals and unique pieces. Mexico is a great country with a lot of history and culture where there are very honest and homely people. However, there are many economic differences and not everyone has the same opportunities. That is why Ana felt that with SUCESO she could contribute to reducing these abysmal differences.

As you know, SUCESO is only three months old and we still have many goals to meet. We want to be a social project that directly impacts communities and gives visibility to more artisans in Latin America through the distribution and sale of their products in Europe.

For Ana and for all the people involved, SUCESO is an opportunity to improve our habits, achieve a better version of ourselves, return to the origins, and value the world of crafts.

We hope that with this little trip back to the beginnings you get to know a little bit more about the foundations from which Ana has taken the inspiration and has helped her to create this amazing project.

Will you join SUCESO?

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  • Gloria Velasco

    Eres una triunfadora!!! Inquieta, alegre y tan llena de vida, no dudo ni tantito el éxito que alcanzará Suceso…. Te quiero mucho ❤️

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