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AC Palma


Araceli Prado and Carmen Lombana founded AC Palma in 2010 with the purpose to sell artisan products made out of palm from Tlamacazapa Guerrero to support the development of communities and promote the profession that is craftsmanship.

The town of Tlamacazapa is dedicated almost entirely to the ancient tradition of palm weaving used to make high-quality everyday objects. Araceli and Carmen work relentlessly to provide visibility to these beautiful pieces.

Together with artisans, they have developed innovative products and have helped them reach markets that they would not have reached on their own.

Behind each piece, there are ancient traditions, talent, and a lot of love for Mexico.

Araceli and Carmen with the master craftsmen


AC Palma works with artisan masters of the Sierra Guerrero

  • Approximately 100 families.


  • 100% natural palm

Time of production

  • It varies depending on the size of the piece, and can go from 1 hr to 3 days.

Environmental actions

  • The trimming of the palm is restricted respecting the growth cycles

  • They are starting a reforestation program.

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