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We are a platform that connects artisans from Latin America to Europe. We support fair trade and handicrafts while providing a space to recognize traditions and discover what is behind each masterpiece. We work to create a positive impact through cultural diversity and sustainability, which are the fundamental anchors of our processes.

Ana, our founder, born in Mexico and currently living in Barcelona, has decided to move forward and start dedicating her time to everything that she believes in. Generating better consumption habits, enhancing the value of the skilled hand artisan labor, and the need to come back to our roots are the principal concerns from which SUCESO emerges.

At SUCESO we claim to give the maximum visibility possible to the Latin American artisan brands through our social platform. This way we support the artisan community and contribute to it by creating better, safer and fairer working conditions for everyone involved. In addition, we are an eco-friendly community that tries to generate the lowest residues possible and that only uses materials that are respectful towards the environment, especially for our wrapping and packaging processes.

Taking that into consideration, our collaborators are our best allies. They all have values that align with our own, and have characteristics that distinguish them: their quality, design, traditional techniques, origin, history, and sustainability. All the products that we distribute have added value and help improve the quality of life of our consumers as well as society as a whole.

Our planet is a wonderful place, but we do not know how to appreciate it, or at least that’s what our actions reflect. Currently, many of the processes used by industrial enterprises are harmful to our health, to the oceans and to the woodlands. Also, this affects all the small family-owned, artisan, and traditional businesses that are being pushed away by the big enterprises that invade all the market by using unfair and abusive conducts.

Taking part in SUCESO is an opportunity to learn, improve our habits, and live a friendlier life with both ourselves and our environment. It is a way of helping create a better society, of re-educating ourselves and ultimately, of generating a change of consciousness in the community.

Help us preserve our origins and keep our planet alive.

Join the movement, join SUCESO!

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